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To Supply Wholesome, 100% Pesticide & Chemical-Free Produce To Our Friends In Northern NY

We are proud to serve the St. Lawrence Valley community by providing a vast selection of fresh produce. Martin's is a partnership, collaborating with several local farmers who are are intent on sustaining their crops without synthetic chemicals and pesticides. Our seeds and plants are never genetically modified, and we also offer several heirloom varieties of popular vegetables.

You will consistently find a changing variety of fresh produce throughout the spring, summer, and fall. We'd love to keep you updated as the season progresses, so please sign up for the email newsletter and availability list!

11 Needham Road, Potsdam NY

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We Will Be Open Monday – Wednesday

Published December 17, 2016

Display cooler with winter storage vegetables
We still have all sorts of goodies. A few highlights are Maple syrup $15 qt or 4 for $45 Carrots $1.50 lb or 25 lbs for $25 Red onions $.85 lb or 25 lbs for $15 Red or gold beets $1 lb or $15 for 25 lbs Eggs $2.50 dozen or 5 for $10 We still have garlic, potatoes, celeriac, parsnip,turnips, squash etc. We also have seconds of carrots, beets and turnips.

We are opening the Farmstand next Monday thru Wednesday (Dec 19-21) from 10 AM- 6 PM for a winter stock up sale. There are 6 big tubs of leeks that need to be used in the next few weeks. I will be giving them away for free to anybody that comes out. Take what you can use yourself and if you think of somebody else that would be blessed with them be my agent to get them out. After next week I plan to take the displays down and pack all the produce away into the inner coolers because of issues with freezing in the outer buildings. The staff here will be available after Christmas on a very irregular basis so it is best if you can stock up now for winter needs. Contact Andrew Hickman at 212-0833 if you want something. Daniel

Daniel Martin holding vegetables at the farm stand

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