Martin's Farmstand

Non-GMO, Pesticide & Chemical Free Produce

Even though it is winter outside it is still fall inside our produce stand. I just finished getting the stand well stocked and in order.  Look at the list below. Come and get it! Also remember there is going to be a farmers market here tomorrow and next Saturday (November 16 and 23) from 1-4Continue Reading

Dear Customer: Below is a fresh product list from Martins Farmstand. The stand is still full of lots of good food. We have some of the finest no- spray produce in this area. I think that food grown and prepared with love is better. Winter hours- I am sure lots of you are wondering.  Normal summerContinue Reading

Big Cabbages

Big Cabbages

  It is harvest time! There is a lot of produce in season at the moment with a peak selection of both summer crops and the traditional fall crops such as turnips, rutabaga, brussel sprouts, big cabbages, daikon radish, winter squash, leeks etc. I was looking at the young lettuce, cilantro, spinach etc this evening.Continue Reading Big Cabbages