Tub full of green asparagus


I have cut the first asparagus and am opening the stand for this season today. We will be open every day except Sunday with our normal hours.   (Monday- Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm)
Besides asparagus, rhubarb, chives, green garlic and a very limited supply of greens we have an assortment of stored crops from last fall including onions, beets and parsnip. We also have frozen pork, vinegar, maple syrup and lots of eggs.
We have our normal supply of large and extra large eggs from the old flock of chickens and an overstock of medium eggs from the young chickens that are just starting to lay. Large eggs weigh 24 oz dozen and cost $2.50  and the medium eggs weigh 21 oz dozen and I am selling them for $1.50.
We are getting the details in order in our new kitchen. The plan is to be offering a regular supply of Mendy’s  good homemade bread along with other assorted goodies starting this Friday May 12.  The primary baking days will be on Tuesday and Friday. We will be baking in the afternoons with fresh things ready to go by 2 pm.  I plan to delight your taste buds by letting you have a taste of selected products as appropriate.
The other part of the kitchen plan is to offer a selection of other homemade foods featuring our own homegrown produce. This will be always changing what is in season and with the abundance of the moment.  Daniel

Produce Available Now:

  • Eggs Large $2.5 / Dozen
  • Asparagus $3 / LB
  • potatoWhiteRedYellow Russet $0.85 / LB
  • Maple Syrup $45 / Gallon
  • Vinegar Raw $14 / Gallon
  • parsnip seconds $2.75 / LB
  • BeetsRed $1 / LB
  • Green Garlic $1.75 / Bunch
  • Chives $1.25 / Each
  • Eggs Medium $1.75 / Dozen
  • all cutsPork $3.5 / LB
  • OnionsYellow $0.85 / LB
  • OnionsRed $1 / LB
  • Copra Onion $0.85 / LB