Boy with asparagus in field May 2017

Seeds And Planting Advice From Daniel

Workers cutting asparagus in field
Asparagus field at Martins Farmstand May 17 2017


God has promised seed time and harvest. The sun and warm has made the asparagus grow. This mornings cutting added up to over a quarter ton of asparagus- 600 lbs to be exact.  We are starting to pick a few cucumbers from the greenhouse and the tomatoes should be starting in a few weeks.

Now for a gardening tip- we along with all the rest of you organic gardeners do not use chemical treated seed. When the soil is cold and wet as it has been this spring there can be problems with the seed rotting before it comes up.  The instinctive thing to do is after a nice spell of weather right before it rains again to get your seed planted. This is wrong for crops such as corn, beans, squash, and cucumbers that need warmth to sprout. What I do instead is get the ground all worked up and ready and then wait till there is several sunny days in the forecast after the rain is over and then plant the seeds deep enough that they are in soil that will stay moist(1 1/2 to 3 inches deep). Also it is important that the soil is firmly against the seed. Step on it or drive on it with something light like a four wheeler if you are hand planting.  When the sun is shining the top few inches of soil will be warm but the cold from below pushes back up on cloudy days and the seed will not sprout. The other thing to keep in mind is that after the seed is sprouted even if it is not up yet when the weather turns cool again it will be ok. Daniel


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