Rhubarb sauce

What is cooking?


What is cooking in the Martins Farmstand Kitchen? This is a favorite seasonal dressing that I love to put on salad greens or it goes just as well with potatoes, meat or pasta.  It is all ready for you here at the stand. I fill the container with chopped garlic scallions and then pour a homemade salad dressing over it to fill the container. This is seasonal eating at its best. Daniel



  • This nice gentle rain is lovely for the gardens. We had several days of dry weather this week and got a lot of things planted. Things like Gladiolas and cosmos, basil and lettuce, beans and spinach. The first sweet corn is up and growing and there are 10,000 lovely white strawberry blossoms. We are picking cucumbers by the bushel from the greenhouse and I had the first slice of those delicious homegrown tomatoes  earlier this week. They should become abundant within a few weeks. Green onions, garlic scallions and rhubarb are plenty now. I just finished cooking a batch of plain old fashioned rhubarb sauce that will be in the cooler in the stand tomorrow for you to buy. This is made with just rhubarb and sugar cooked together, the sweet and tart come together in a delicious  way.  Daniel


  • Asparagus $3.25 / LB
  • Potatoes $0.85 / LB
  • Maple Syrup $45 / Gallon
  • Vinegar Raw $14 / Gallon
  • Parsnip seconds $1 / LB
  • BeetsRed $1 / LB
  • Green Garlic $1.75 / Bunch
  • Chives $1.25 / Each
  • Eggs Medium $1.75 / Dozen
  • Pork (all cuts) $3.5 / LB
  • OnionsYellow $0.85 / LB
  • Onions Red $o.85 / LB
  • Cucumbers Large $1.25 /each
  • Cucumbers small $0.85/each
  • Green Onions $1.25 /Bunch
  • Spinach $6.00/ lb
  • Rhubarb$1.75/lb
  • Sourdough bread  $4.00 loaf
  • Honey Wheat bread $3.50 loaf
  • Cookies (Various kinds) $3.00 bag