Strawberry picking at Martins Farmstand Monday morning

Big, Sweet and Delicious- and abundant.  There are over 1,000 Quarts of ripe berries in the field waiting to be picked and as it is going to be  hot tomorrow there will be even more by Monday morning.

The strawberries are getting ripe! With the rain and then this hot humid weather the berries are ripening faster than I expected. There are a lot that are ready to pick today(Saturday) which means that the picking conditions are set to be exceptionally good Monday morning. It is time to fill the freezer or just enjoy them fresh.  We are planning to open the farm for U-pick for the first time this year on Monday June 19 at 7 AM. The picking times are Mondays Starting at 7 AM; Wednesdays starting at 2 PM ( no morning picking on Wednesdays) and Saturdays Starting at 7 am. This repeats every week through the season. We close the fields at 6 pm or when all the ripe berries are picked for that day.  We are open rain or shine. Bring your friends- it takes many hands to harvest the crop.

Pricing is the same as last year with U-pick at $1.50 lb. Bring your own containers. Children are welcome.  We also are continuing to have share picking as we have in the past and of course there will be picked berries available at the stand as much of the time as possible. Picked berries are $4.25 per quart. Bulk price (min 8 Quarts) is $3.25 per quart in the peak season when they are plenty enough.