Strawberry picking update for Wednesday June 21

Checking on the strawberries

We will open the strawberry fields for u-pick today starting at 2 Pm (Wednesday June 21) There is no morning u-pick on Wednesdays. The strawberry season seems to be in a big rush this year with our first picking on Monday adding up to almost 3,000 quarts and just a few days before that there was hardly any ripe yet. I expect pretty big numbers for today also. This is the early peak part of berry season so we should be picking into next week and probably the week after but the biggest berries are now. The stand is open normal hours (10 am -6 pm  and will have lots of picked berries available today and we can fill bulk orders. Please bring your own containers if possible.

The picking schedule is, Mondays Starting at 7 AM; Wednesdays starting at 2 PM ( no morning picking on Wednesdays) and Saturdays Starting at 7 am. This repeats every week through the season. We close the fields at 6 pm or when all the ripe berries are picked for that day.  We are open rain or shine. Bring your friends- it takes many hands to harvest the crop.  U-pick price is $1.50 per lb. Daniel