Strawberry picking starts again at 2 PM this afternoon (Wednesday, June 28)

They are still sweet, delicious and abundant!  Strawberry picking starts again at 2 PM this afternoon (Wednesday, June 28). We have lots of picked berries on the stand today also.

The strawberries are ripe!  We are in the late part of strawberry picking season and there are lots of ripe berries but they are going to be smaller this week (as is normal) than they were the first week. It is time to fill the freezer or just enjoy them fresh. On the question of how long will the season last- I expect that we will be picking at least for most of next week but the picking will be much slower. At the end of the season the berries are small but so good.  At some point the patch will switch to gleaning status.

The picking times are  Mondays starting at 7 AM;  Wednesdays starting at 2 PM ( no morning picking on Wednesdays) and Saturdays starting at 7 AM. This repeats every week through the season. We close the fields at 6 pm or when all the ripe berries are picked for that day.  We are open rain or shine.