U-pick tomorrow morning (Saturday July 1) at 7 am

We will open the strawberry patches for u-pick tomorrow morning  (Saturday July 1) at 7 am. After that the next picking is on Monday July 3rd.  The stand will be  open on the 4th with normal hours and we will have the berry patches open also unless all the ripe berries are picked on Monday.   We are in the late part of strawberry picking season and there are lots of  ripe berries but they are small. I still see some green berries left so there will be at least a few berries ripening for another week or 10 days.  At the end of the season the berries are small but so good.  Here at our farm the sky has given us a generous portion of rain in the last few days with some damage to the berries but mostly they have come through ok but they need picked as soon as possible.  We are open even if it is pouring rain. Daniel

Strawberry season