It is time to write

Plants in the greenhouse
More plants, spring is coming.
There are over 50,000 little onion plants growing in the greenhouse. These will be planted out into the field in late April.

  It is soon time to build and plant
I am getting old enough that I find the snow leaving to be wonderful. I like the longer days. We are preparing for spring and another growing season. Soon we will be busy building and planting. We are planning to do a similar mix of crops as in the past. If one can judge by the pictures in the seed catalogs we should have a good season. At least the pictures look prosperous .

We are preparing to change the stand a bit. I removed the porch roof at the entrance and plan to replace that with a greenhouse style structure. This is to address the fact that the check out and display area of the stand was congested and darker than I liked. We are also making a space for a walk in freezer and more space to carry a nicer selection of bulk food.  So it will still be us,  the same wonderful homegrown produce as the core of the business but just a bit better.  Summer hours are expected to start again like normal when the asparagus is ready in the beginning of May. Daniel

Produce Available Now


  • Eggs Large $2.5 / Dozen
  • Honey
  • potatoWhiteRedYellow Russet $0.85 / LB
  • Garlic $7 / LB
  • Maple Syrup $36 / Gallon
  • parsnip $2.25 / LB
  • BeetsRed $1.5 / LB
  • celeriac $2.25 / LB
  • Salad Mix or Arugula $6 / LB
  • BeetsGolden $1.5 / LB
  • Beets rainbow or Chiggio $2 / LB