Martins Farmstand opening Saturday

This little man thinks that this wagon needs hooked to the lawn tractor. His abilities are still developing and he is trying hard.


Opening for 2018 Saturday

It was snowing. Now it is spring. In the north spring comes with a rush. We plan to open the farm stand on Saturday (May 12) at 10 am. Summer hours are 10 am-6 pm Monday- Saturday.  If it stays reasonably warm we should be harvesting the very first of the asparagus by then and also will have a selection of assorted greens from the greenhouse along with chives and garlic scallions from outdoors. There are assorted root crops coming from storage, Dads good honey, lots of maple syrup and other assorted things in jars. The egg supply is abundant with both chicken and duck eggs available.

We have done some building this spring. The stand was too congested in the peak seasons and darker than I liked after we closed it in. We addressed these issues and made space for a bulk food store. The ladies are hard at work getting this stocked.  On the farm front we are planting lots of seeds every day. The strawberry plants came through the winter in good condition, the peas are up and growing and in general new life is popping up everywhere. Daniel