Garlic peeling

Asparagus is

My new garlic peeling machine.

Asparagus is abundant as is expected for late May. We cut about 300 lbs this morning. There is an abundance of overwintered spinach, green garlic and scallions. When God sends us both rain and sunshine there is potential for lots of good food to grow. This week will be filled with lots of planting.

This winter I researched how garlic is peeled mechanically and ended up ordering a small (50 lbs per hour peeling rate) pneumatic peeler and breaker from a man that builds them in China. It took 4 months for it to come across the water, it showed up this week and I have tried it out. It has a hopper up on top that the garlic cloves are dumped in and a valve opens and lets a handful drop in the a chamber. Then the garlic  gets blown and swirled around for 15 seconds with compressed air jets after which the bottom of the peeling chamber opens to let the garlic drop out. So basically it is just blowing the skins off of the garlic. Garlic is a crop that grows well in this climate. All of the restaurants and food service  markets hesitate to buy unpeeled garlic as it takes a lot of labor to peel a few bushels of garlic by manual means. Hopefully this is another little chip towards making our food supply a little closer to home.  Daniel


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