Strawberry picking Monday rain or shine starting at 7 am

We will be open in the morning (Monday June 18) to pick strawberries starting at 7 am rain or shine. Please bring your own containers. This saves a lot of resources. There are quite a few ripe berries. Strawberries need cool rainy days and also sunshine. The warm weather has made lots of berries ripen that are ready for you to pick. This week and next week are the peak time for strawberries.  After tomorrow the next picking will be Wednesday afternoon starting at 2 pm (no morning picking on Wednesday) and Saturday at 7 am. This Monday, Wednesday, Saturday picking schedule will repeat though out the entire season.

I planted my first field of strawberries for u-pick 20 years ago in 1998.  I like growing strawberries and you all loved eating them so I have kept on.  Daniel