It does not hurt the berry bushes to pick in the sunshine.

PLANTING STRAWBERRIES June 2017. They are ready to pick now a year later. We plant about an acre of new patch each year to replace the three year old beds.
  • Strawberry picking in the morning starting at 7 AM  (Saturday, June 30). 
  • We are open even if it is raining. We are open if it is hot. Come in the morning for your berries.  It does not hurt the berry bushes to pick in the rain. It does not hurt them to pick in the sunshine either.  It is only an issue of the comfort of the picker. The early kinds of strawberries will be over in a week. I still see lots of green berries on the later kinds. I have a about one- third of an acre of a  trial plantings that I did of “A C Valley Sunset”. They are real late berries. They are the most lovely berries, huge with good flavor. There are oodles of them and they are ripe now. If you like smaller normal berries there are also lots of them for tomorrow.
  • The  Cascadia snap peas are getting ready. They are one of the best for rich sweet flavorful peas.  Thank you God, you send so many good gifts such as strawberries and sugar snap peas. Daniel