March 25, 2019 Spring has come in the greenhouse. These plants are part of the thousands of plants that will be helping feed this produce stand this summer.

Hello everybody,

We plan to open the stand for the 2019 season starting when the first asparagus gets ready to harvest. This happens about the first week of May. Even though it seems so snowy yet we should be planting onions into the field in four weeks from now and in five- six weeks the asparagus should be ready. Soon we will take the winter leaf mulch off of the strawberries and prune the grapes and fruit trees.  Strawberry picking season will come in about 11-12 weeks from now. (late June). We expect to have the bulk food room open and the normal selection of things such as syrup, vinegar and all sorts of produce though out the summer as we normally do. The plan is to grow about 70% of the produce in our own gardens as we have in the past years and the rest will come from other local growers that I know and trust that are also growing with no- chemical methods.

This winter we took all the children and spent almost six weeks traveling and now we are back  doing all the normal chores that it takes to be ready for another productive season. Our crew is excited for spring to come and ready to get back into the fields. Today’s tasks included planting tomato plants out in the greenhouse. Daniel