Strawberries at the stand now! U-pick Saturday 7 AM


Strawberry season. The sun is shining and the berries are ripening. We have lots of picked berries at the stand today that come from one of our growers. As always, local, fresh, and grown without chemicals, and so so good!  The display cooler is filling with all sorts of other garden goodies. Come get the ingredients for a good supper.Strawberry season- They are getting ripe!We will open the strawberry fields for u-pick this Saturday (June 29) at 7 am. This is the first picking for this year. This update is Thursday morning and with the warm and sunshine they are ripening fast. There are lots berries that are already altogether red. Berries are at there best two days after they are red as that is the point of perfect ripeness.Picking conditions will be excellent Saturday with thousands of lbs of ripe berries to be picked. Next week there should be tons more to pick.
BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINERS! This saves a lot of resources.

Children are welcome. No dogs allowed in the fields or the stand area.

The picking schedule repeats every week throughout the season.

Monday morning starting at 7 AM,

Wednesday afternoons starting at 2 PM (No morning picking on Wednesdays)

Saturday morning start 7 AM

We close the fields at 6 pm or when all the ripe berries are picked.

Prices Picked retail $5.00 per quart, Bulk amounts when abundant (8 plus quarts) $4.00 per quart.

U-pick price $1.75 per lb

U- pick (larger amounts- 20 plus lbs) $1.65 per lb

Share picking- pick three for us and one for yourself.

The fields are located at the same place as the farm stand, come to the stand at 11 Needham road Potsdam.  Daniel