What are the picking conditions like in the Morning?

This update is Sunday evening. Yesterday was the first u-pick day for this year and the patch was picked very thoroughly.  This factor along with the cool rainy morning and that it is still the beginning of the season means that on large parts of the patch the ripe berries are fairly limited. The later kinds have not started yet. My guess is that there are 700-1,000 qts to pick in the morning. There is large amounts of fruit in the patch that will be ripe later in the week. I expect much better picking conditions on the Wednesday and Saturday pickings than there will be in the morning.  Daniel

The picking schedule repeats every week throughout the season.

Monday morning starting at 7 AM,

Wednesday afternoons starting at 2 PM (No morning picking on Wednesdays)

Saturday morning start 7 AM

We close the fields at 6 pm or when all the ripe berries are picked.