Strawberries! It is the peak of season. We will open at 2 pm on Wednesday July 3rd

There were strawberry flowers three weeks ago-  and a good mix of sun and rain since. God has given us a good crop and now it is the peak of strawberry season- come get your share of them! We are picking on Wednesday starting at 2 pm

Peak strawberry season. The sun is hot and the berries are ripe.   As always they are local, fresh, and grown without chemicals, and so so good! We will open the strawberry fields for u-pick Wednesday July 3rd at 2 pm. (There is no picking in the morning on Wednesdays) I just returned from scouting the fields- there are thousands of  berries that are ripened to perfection every where I look. I judge that tomorrows and Saturdays pickings will be the peak pickings for this year. The season will continue through next week at least.

The stand will be open with normal hours on July 4th. The fields may or may not be open for u-pick though depending on if we finish picking all the patches on Wednesday evening or not. I expect to have picked berries for sale on Thursday though- as supplies last. The peas are ready and we will be picking both snap and hull peas for the stand other the next few days. I also have lots of broccoli and there is still plenty of frozen asparagus.

 The way the cold May has interacted with these near perfect growing conditions has resulted in several planting of lettuce coming to perfection all at once and right now I have several thousand heads of lettuce that are ready. We are giving one head of lettuce for free to any customer that wants one with a purchase of at least $8.00. You can chose between leafy types or the romaine types for your free head. Daniel
BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINERS! This saves a lot of resources.

Children are welcome. No dogs allowed in the fields or the stand area.

The picking schedule repeats every week throughout the season.

Monday morning starting at 7 AM,

Wednesday afternoons starting at 2 PM (No morning picking on Wednesdays)

Saturday morning start 7 AM

We close the fields at 6 pm or when all the ripe berries are picked.

Prices Picked retail $5.00 per quart, Bulk amounts when abundant (8 plus quarts) $4.00 per quart.

U-pick price $1.75 per lb

U- pick (larger amounts- 20 plus lbs) $1.65 per lb

Share picking- pick three for us and one for yourself.

Ask about wholesale prices if that interests you.

The fields are located at the same place as the farm stand, come to the stand at 11 Needham road Potsdam.  Daniel



Produce Available Now

Salad Mix
Swiss Chard
Beet Greens
VinagarHalf Gallon
Scallions 5lb loose
lettuceGreenOr Red Leafy
ParsleyCurly/Flat Bunch
lettuceGreenOr Red Leafy
lettuceRomaine Hds
Garlic Scapes

11 Needham Road
Potsdam NY 13676