Yes We Are Open for U-pick Strawberries on Saturday even if it is Raining.

The next u-pick time is Saturday July 6 starting at 7 am and we are open even if it is raining.  This is the later part of the peak season. Right now there are tens of thousands of berries that are perfectly ripe and waiting for you. If the berries that are completely ripe do not get picked tomorrow they will be bad before Mondays picking. The picking conditions are excellent with almost zero chance of being picked out quickly in the morning.  Each picking after tomorrow will have smaller berries and less than the one before till sometime about 7-14 days from now there will be none and at that point the patches will get renovated and the cycle will start over again.  If it is raining it is best to bring containers that do not fall apart if they get wet.  To work in a warm summer rain has its own sort of pleasure and after the initial shock of getting wet is past it is not to bad. In some ways it may even be better than working in this heat. Daniel


The picking schedule repeats every week throughout the season.

Monday morning starting at 7 AM,

Wednesday afternoons starting at 2 PM (No morning picking on Wednesdays)

Saturday morning start 7 AM

We close the fields at 6 pm or when all the ripe berries are picked