Strawberries picking conditions report from Daniel



We will open the strawberry fields for u-pick in the morning (Monday July 8) starting at 7 AM. I just returned from a stroll throughout the various parts of the farm and was sampling (by eating them)  various kinds of strawberries from different areas of the patch. I was also checking the various peas. There are a lot of both snap peas, shell peas and strawberries  to pick in the morning. If you are wondering about the results of the sampling- there are subtle differences among the different strawberries however they were all very good and I would have a hard time choosing a favorite just based on the flavor.  Each picking after tomorrow will have smaller berries and less than the one before till sometime about 7-14 days from now there will be none and at that point the patches will get renovated and the cycle will start over again. At the present time the late kinds are just coming on.  Some sections of the early kinds are soon finished. So if you want berries do not procrastinate too much. Daniel


The picking schedule repeats every week throughout the season.

Monday morning starting at 7 AM,

Wednesday afternoons starting at 2 PM (No morning picking on Wednesdays)

Saturday morning start 7 AM

We close the fields at 6 pm or when all the ripe berries are picked