Strawberry pickers needed this afternoon 2 PM -6 Pm


We will open the strawberry fields for u-pick this afternoon (Wednesday July 10) starting at 2 PM. We are in the late part of strawberry season so the average berry size is down from last week. There are a lot of berries to pick this afternoon and I do not foresee the patch getting all picked out quickly. (any thing is possible though) The berries that are ripe need to be picked today or tomorrow or they will get lost as strawberries do not keep long after they are ripened to perfection. Please come and help us with this harvest as we can only pick a small portion of the patch ourselves. You can buy them already picked or you can pick your own for about half as much money. We also offer share picking which has you spending nothing but rather you are earning berries by picking berries.  Each picking after tomorrow will have smaller berries and less than the one before till sometime about 7-10 days from now there will be none and at that point the patches will get renovated and the cycle will start over again. At the present time the late kinds are at their peak.  Some sections of the early kinds are soon finished. So if you want berries do not procrastinate too much. Daniel


The picking schedule repeats every week throughout the season.

Monday morning starting at 7 AM,

Wednesday afternoons starting at 2 PM (No morning picking on Wednesdays)

Saturday morning start 7 AM

We close the fields at 6 pm or when all the ripe berries are picked

Produce Available Now

 Item Description  Regular Price
 AsparagusFrozen Per Lb  $3.75
 Salad Mix per lb  $6.00
 KaleCurly Per lb  $4.25
 Swiss Chard Per lb  $4.25
 strawberries Quart  $5.00
 MaplesyrupGal  $45.00
 MaplesyrupQuart  $11.25
 Zucchini per lb  $1.25
 strawberriesU-pick  $1.65
 Basil Per Lb  $9.00
 Beet Greens Per Lb  $3.00
 Broccoli per lb  $3.00
 Cabbage green Per lb  $0.85
 VinagarQuart  $4.75
 VinagarGal  $14.00
 VinagarHalf Gallon  $8.00
 Scallions bunch  $1.35
 Chives Bunch  $1.35
 Chives per LB  $6.00
 Herbs per LB misc kinds  $6.00
 Spinach per lb  $6.00
 Scallions 5lb loose  $15.00
 lettuceGreenOr Red Leafy per Hd  $1.35
 cucumbers each  $1.50
 ParsleyCurly/Flat Bunch  $1.35
 Tomatoes Greenhouse Per lb  $4.50
 lettuceGreenOr Red Leafy per lb  $1.70
 lettuceRomaine Per lb  $1.70
 lettuceRomaine Hds each  $1.95
 Dillweed bunch  $1.35
 ParsleyCurly/Flat Lb  $6.00
 Garlic Scapes per lb  $5.00
 lettuce20lbCase  $34.00
 cucumbers Per Lb  $1.50
 Tomatoes local non organic Per lb  $3.50
 Peas Snap or shell Per Lb  $4.00