Last upick strawberries before fields go to gleaning status

We will open the strawberry patch in the morning (July 13) from 7 am till 6 pm. As I walked the fields this evening I saw lots of delicious ripe berries.  My guess is that there may be up to 700 qts for tomorrow.  They are small as is normal at the end of the season so the containers will fill slowly. Share pickers get to keep one half of what they pick instead of the normal one fourth to reflect the slower picking.

Starting Monday July 15 the patches will go to half price, self service gleaning status. Hours for gleaning are the same as our normal stand hours (Mon- Sat 10 am -6 pm) There are still some green berries so I expect gleaning to last approximately 5-10 days. When there is nothing left I will renovate the patches.

The raspberries are starting to ripen and there will be berries available for u-pick throughout that season. We are planning to do the same as we have in the past. Rather than having formal u-pick days I will be giving appointments. If you wish to have your name on the calendar let me know. We also take walk in u-pickers during normal stand hours if there are berries available more than the scheduled person wanted. Daniel