Pesto and pickle time

Cucumbers, and beans are abundant. The dill heads and uncured garlic is ready. It is time to be thinking pickles. The peak season for cucumbers varies a lot in length depending on weather- but the vines are usually getting tired by mid August.

We had a cold spring and the early crops were later than I had ever seen. Now since then we have been having week after week of near perfect growing conditions and things are either catching up fast or in many cases have already caught up with normal. The later crops are not behind normal at all. At the moment the stand is stocked with so much food that we need all the help we can get to eat this food. Some highlights are basil- time for pesto- we have to cut it to keep the plants fresh. Field cucumbers and pickles are abundant. There are many bushels of beans to pick and I have some of the prettiest cauliflower you ever did see that Mosie Keim grew. He is the best with cauliflower. It is coming peak season for blackcaps and the pie cherries are ready. We are also starting to harvest red and golden beets with the tops cut off. Carrots- not yet but soon. The sweet corn has tassels and silk- still a couple weeks off yet. Daniel

Produce Available Now

Asparagus Frozen Per Lb
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Beans Green
Beans Yellow
Beet Greens Per Lb
Beets Golden Per lb
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