More free u-cut flower again this Saturday

Photo of a beautiful patch of spinach all ready for harvest. There are some leaves as big as an 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper. This is one of several patches of spinach that are growing.

September is a time of abundance. The gardens are happy with this lovely mix of sun and rain. A few highlights of the moment are more of Mose Yoders certified organic beef. This is available at the stand. All cuts are priced the same at $5.99 per lb. If you wish to stock your freezer up we are offering  a 50 cents per lb discount if you get 20  lbs or more of beef at once.

We have made about 250 pints of fresh jam out of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, currents, pears etc. The storage garlic is ready now and the storage onions are soon finished curing and we plan to be bringing them to the stand with in the next week.

The fall raspberry season is here however there is a problem with lots of soft berries from a new invasive fruit fly. (spotted wing drosophila) Because of this we will not be picking many for the stand (No shelf life) When one is picking the going is slow because of the soft berries. The patches are open for reduced price ($1 per lb) gleaning throughout the season on a self service basis.
The flower gardens have mostly recovered again from the last time I offered free u-cut flowers and we will be offering free u-cut flowers again this Saturday (Sept 14, 2019). There are very few rules other than bring your own tools and we want to leave the plants intact so that they regrow. You do not need to be a customer and it is OK to take multiple bunches if you have people that come to mind that should have some ( think especially of the shut-in, sick or older people among us). This is of course limited to as supplies last.

We still have a good selection of melons. The melon season will soon be past, enjoy them now. Daniel


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