It is still fall inside our produce stand.

Even though it is winter outside it is still fall inside our produce stand. We have all the coolers packed to capacity with our good homegrown garden goodies. Look at the list below. I harvested a large amount of leeks, scallions, spinach etc right before the cold came. Some crops such as brussel sprouts, kale, and parsnip take very cold weather and actually reach their full glory after some hard freezing weather. Harvest of these crops usually continues  into December.

Normal summer hours continue till Wednesday, November 27     ( the day before Thanksgiving.) We will be open during the early winter on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays from Noon to 6 PM. This runs from the week after Thanksgiving till the weekend before Christmas. From New year till spring service and hours are informal. When the asparagus gets ready in early May normal summer hours resume.

My sister Emily has domestic ducks and geese free ranging around a pond over at their farm. In the spring they lay eggs and she lets them hatch them on there own. Other than giving them some grain they grow on there own. This year it appears that none were lost to wildlife and she has about 100 ducks and a dozen geese that are excess to what we all wish to eat ourselves.  These ducks are available on a call ahead basis from her house. Her number is 315-268-0870.  We are also planning to hold a farmers market here in the parking lot at the stand on Saturdays November 16 and 23 from 1-4 pm and she is planning to be selling ducks and geese. Other farmers are also welcome to come.

The plan was to have them available here at the stand just as we have done in the past however New York Ag and markets is saying that because we have have 20c license that we are not a farm market but rather that we are a retail food store just the same as Price chopper. As such it is said to be illegal for us to have any poultry products in our stand that are not processed in a government inspected poultry processing plant with the accompanying government stamps etc.

Ag and markets proceeded to seize all the poultry products we had in the stand.. The inspector wants us to continue selling poultry but they are saying it must be processed in a inspected plant. I asked then if they had any contact information on such plants. They did not know of any in this region but thought there would be one somewhere downstate but finished with the lame comment of but that it probably would be hard to find a plant that would be willing to process small amounts of birds. There are some more local options but they do not have the right inspectors and license so would not be legal for us to use.

Farmers( or anyone) can grow and process up to 1,000 birds per year in New York and sell them either on the farm or off the farm in various ways that include farmers markets etc. We are allowed to continue to sell our own poultry as long as it is sold at our farm or at a farmers market  ( but not at our on farm store)

They are saying that for a farmers market to be classed as a farmers market  that is must be in a open air location, that it can not be in operation more than one day per week and that  that the actual person that grew the poultry from a chick must be present at all times that product is for sale along with more criteria that left a very narrow definition of this term. Daniel

Produce Available Now

Acorn Squash
Apples Misc Heirloom
Beets Golden
Beets red
Brussel Sprouts
Buttercup Squash
Butternut Squash
Cabbage Big Per each
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Carrots Juicing
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MiscWinter Squash
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