What a week as far as the weather goes. In spite of cold and snow the harvest goes on. This is a table full of Brussels sprouts plants that I cut this morning. They are frozen of course but after they are gently thawed for a few hours I will pick them off the stems or they are for sale just like this. Brussels sprouts come to their full glory after hard frosts in the early winter.

Even though it is winter outside it is still fall inside our produce stand. I just finished getting the stand well stocked and in order.  Look at the list below. Come and get it!

Also remember there is going to be a farmers market here tomorrow and next Saturday (November 16 and 23) from 1-4 pm. My sister is planning to be here selling her ducks and geese.

Normal summer hours continue till Wednesday, November 27     ( the day before Thanksgiving.) We will be open during the early winter on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays from Noon to 6 PM. This runs from the week after Thanksgiving till the weekend before Christmas. From New year till spring service and hours are informal. When the asparagus gets ready in early May normal summer hours resume.

Produce Available Now

Apples Misc Heirloom
Beets Golden
Beets red
BeetsCanningHalf bushel
Cabbage Big Per each
Cabbage green
Cabbage shredded Per 10 lbs
Carrots Juicing
Carrots per lb #1s
Daikon Radish
KaleCurly Per lb
lettuceGreenOr Red Leafy per Hd
Maple syrup
MiscWinter Squash
Napa Cabbage
Peanut Butter
Potatoes #1 50lbs White, red, yellow etc
Potatoes #1s White, red, yellow etc
Potatoes #2s 50 lbs
PotatoesSpecialty, Blue,Fingerling Etc
Sweet potatoes #1 per lb
Sweet potatoes Seconds per Half bushel
Swiss Chard greenhouse
Vinagar Homemade Raw