The stand is open this afternoon, Friday Saturday

 This past summer-fall we did a few free flower days. We liked how that worked and felt.The plan for this coming summer is to plant a nice mix of cutting flowers and have free u-cut flowers be a regular feature of this farm. The flowers are beautiful and fun but they do more than that.  A diverse mix of flowers are an important component of our no-spray farm as many of the beneficial insects needs nectar in there diet besides the bad bugs that they eat. The flower plantings will be spread out at various strategic locations through out the fields. Daniel  


The stand is open today from noon till 6 pm. It is also open on Friday and Saturday. The same hours will repeat next week.

Produce Available Now

Frozen Strawberries, blueberries, beans, corn asparagus, applesauce etc,

Apples Misc Heirloom
Beets Golden
Beets red
Cabbage green
Carrots Juicing
Carrots #1 s
Daikon Radish
MiscWinter Squash
Napa Cabbage
Onions Cipollini
Peanut Butter
Potatoes #1s White, red, yellow
Potatoes #2s 50 lbs
Potatoes Blue,Fingerling

Sweet potatoes Seconds
Swiss Chard
Vinagar Raw Homemade

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