Large amount of asparagus

Asparagus in 8 weeks at Martin’s Farm stand!

Large amount of asparagus
I like the smell of asparagus and springtime! Asparagus season starts in early May (7-8 weeks yet) First harvest of asparagus is the time that summer hours start at the Farm stand. (anticipate around the May 4th week) Photo is from last season.


Strawberry season comes in the second half of June. (about 14-15 weeks away). The plants are still dormant but look good as far as can be seen now.

Spring is coming! Tomato plants are growing in the greenhouse. The little greenhouse is over half full of tiny onion seedlings. There are approximately 65,000 of them. In general the garden plans are a lot like last years plan with only minor tweaks here and there.  The stand is expected to open in early May when the asparagus is ready.

We are planning to build another house this spring. (on the same property as the farm stand). We dug the basement earlier this week. The hope is to have the outside of the house finished before strawberry season (inside is expected to end up waiting till next winter to be completed.) This move is part of a plan to get a little better quality of life for us with more separation from the business when we are off duty. The housing above the stand where we live now will then be available for worker and guest housing. This project is being mostly done by ourselves and if anyone would like to help we would appreciate it as this is a huge project to fit in in addition to the normal farm routines. Daniel

Produce Available Now

The farm stand is closed now so any sales are on a call ahead basis till May. We still have an abundance of potatoes and beets. There are also smaller amounts of juicing carrots, rutabaga, celeriac etc.