We are opening an online farmers market

We dug 700 lbs of parsnips last week. Spring parsnips are sweet and good.


We are opening an online farmers Market again in part as a response to this changed world. The address is https://martinsfarmstand.locallygrown.net/

It is open to take orders now but we still have pictures and more product to add. We will be continuing to update it in the next few days. In about 3 weeks or so the asparagus should come up and we will also open the physical stand. For now you can order online.. You can order anytime of the week. Each morning a little after 6 am we will look at the orders that came in the previous day and during the night and early morning. These orders will be packed and ready for pickup at the stand from 12:30 pm till 6 pm. If you know about what hour you will come to pick up your order it is useful if you tell us that in the comments section of the check out. This schedule will be followed 6 days a week. On Sundays we will not pack orders. Monday morning I will deal with any orders that came since Saturday Morning.
We are exploring ways to process payment online but at the moment this is not ready. When you come to pick up your order bring a check or cash (preferable the correct change)or we can charge your card on the stand machine. We are planning to bring the old drop safe out of storage that we used years ago at the self service stand so payment can be dropped in there rather than having us touch it with the potential cross contamination issues that that raises.
We want feedback suggestions etc. If you have a question or something is confusing to you it probably is to others also. Help us make this all it should be. Daniel        https://martinsfarmstand.locallygrown.net/