Tub full of green asparagus

When is the asparagus ready?

Tub full of green asparagus
No this picture is not taken this spring because the asparagus is not ready yet- soon though. Read below for more info.


Asparagus season usually starts (and the farm stand opens)somewhere around May 4th to May 12th. This year we are on the late side of normal. Currently the soil temperature is still cold and the asparagus is hiding down below until we have some warmth and sun or even better yet a good warm soaking rain. When the conditions are right asparagus can grow over 1/2 inch per hour!
The fields are exceptionally dry for the time of year. The big pond over at the old farm has not filled completely full over the winter. I have never seen it not running over in the early spring since I built it in 1999. We had a bit over 1/10 inch of rain last night. The fields are saying we need more. The farmers boys did not express much enthusiasm to the idea that we need to start pumping water already.
Yesterday we finished setting the last of the onions plants out in the field. With Gods blessing we anticipate harvesting lots of good red, sweet and hot cooking onions in about 100 days. The strawberry plants look good. (strawberry season is in the later part of June.)
We are preparing to open the farm stand for the season as soon as the asparagus is ready for harvest. I do not foresee major changes from the covid issue. We will not have any special rules beyond whatever the general expectations the government is saying such as stay home if you are sick, wash you hands, maintain distance between people etc.
Besides the normal physical stand we are taking online orders at https://martinsfarmstand.locallygrown.net. I have been researching ways to take online payment. They add significantly to the cost and for the moment we have chosen not to pursue it. We have brought the old drop safe out that we had at the old self service stand for people to place there payment in. (This helps minimize cross contamination issues from handling money and then produce). You can bring a check, cash (we can give change) or a credit card to the stand. You can also pay on account ahead of time.
For now we are not taking used bags. Bring your own bag and plan to bag the produce yourself. If you forget to bring your bags for any reason though we do have new bags in hiding and they are willing to give you service.
We plan to open for u pick strawberry season as normal. There will be a few changes in traffic patterns and check in and out areas to increase safety.

We are changing the stand hours. The old hours were 10 AM- 6 PM.  The open hours this year will be 12:30 PM- 6 PM Monday- Saturday.  Closed Sunday These changes are to give us more time in the forenoon to get things harvested and online orders packed. This also should allow my wife to get the house in order in the morning and for us to eat lunch as a family. The advantage to you is that we should be less burnt out and be ready to give you all good service with a bit of love mixed in. Daniel