Spring is slow!

Sunflowers, summer is coming!



Spring is slow!

This year is presenting challenges as we have never seen in our 20 years of growing produce here in the North Country. Last week’s return of winter temperatures and snow have slowed the asparagus growth almost to a halt. All asparagus spears that had broken through the top of the soil are no longer viable for harvest delaying the season again. There are many more pushing their way up to the sun and hopefully seasonal weather. I expect that asparagus harvest should start sometime late next week.

The rain was a welcome gift as it will continue to refill the ponds which normally would be overflowing at this point in the season. The strawberry plants and rhubarb are growing and with warmer weather will flourish.

On the stand, We have some very nice beet greens with beets, Spinach and Swiss Chard alongside garlic scallions and green onion scallions. Lettuce remains available on a limited supply. In addition, there is a plentiful stock of many kinds of potatoes. Potatoes for seed are available as well. Last falls rutabaga and beets are still available.

The ground is being worked as we move towards being able to plant seeds directly in the ground. With organic, untreated seed, we must wait for the soil temperature to warm or the seeds would rot before they can germinate. If you have noticed many trees are finally beginning to leaf out which is a sign that the soil temperatures are rising enough to support plant life.

This week we set out our first of many plantings of lettuce, herbs and onions out. There are more plantings growing which will be planted in a few weeks. This is the way we can continue to provide fresh, lush offerings throughout the season by staggering plantings of the same vegetables.

The bulk foods room is brimming full with many kinds of spices, sugars and flours available. We are preparing a list of the items we carry for customer to take home with them. It will help you prepare your shopping list at the stand.

A reminder: Stand hours have been adjusted to be* Monday to Saturday, 12:30 pm -6:00 pm. Please bring your own bags. Precautions are being taken on your behalf and ours to keep everyone as safe as possible during this pandemic. But, as always, we are striving to provide the best quality product and service that we can to everyone.