Bulk Asparagus

There are flowers in the strawberry patch. In about three weeks there should be the first ripe berries.

It was cold and then it got hot. After a record late start the asparagus is growing quickly . In the past week we cut 52 tubs of asparagus with about 40 lbs in each one.
Now is the time to put asparagus by for the future by freezing pickling etc.if you are going to do it this year. It looks to me like the season will be shorter than normal with the ending time the 2nd or 3rd week of June just like is normal. We usually end asparagus just about the time strawberries start. The strawberries are in early bloom now. Judging by this the timing on the strawberry season is likely to be somewhere near the normal time. The plants are nice and healthy and in general all looks normal in the strawberry patch. We need rain though. We irrigate them as needed. Daniel