Tub full of green asparagus

U-pick strawberries in about 10 days

Tub full of green asparagus
Asparagus is still plenty.


The strawberry plants have lots of green berries on them and are sizing now. I expect harvest to start in about 10 days give or take a bit. We will be open for u-pick when that time comes. I will write again in a few days with more strawberry u-pick details.
The asparagus is abundant at the moment. Now is the time to get your fill as asparagus season will be ending early next week.Lettuce and scallions are also plenty.
It does not look like we will have beef beyond a tiny bit of stock that was left from last fall at the stand at least during the early part of the summer because it appears that the few USDA plants are doing processing for small farms are booked full into next year. (another example of regulations helping to crush small farms).
We butchered several beefs early this spring and we have several hundred lbs of hamburger beyond what we need for our own table. This is available from us privately (not at the stand) It is not approved for human consumption by the government but would be good for pet food etc. I would like a $4 per lb donation to help cover the costs of growing these animals.

The fields are very dry here. The rain in the past weeks has been very hit or miss in the area and for us it has been miss. From March 1st till now we have had a total of 3.1 inches of rain. (25% of average) Irrigation is the difference between crop failure and not with these local semi arid conditions. Just a few miles away toward Parishville it has given near 4 inches just in May alone. Our irrigation ponds are alarmingly low and this is still June. Pray for rain for those of us that need it.. Daniel

For a list of available produce go to  https://martinsfarmstand.locallygrown.net/market