Update on u-pick strawberry conditions for Wednesday June 24


We are opening for u-pick strawberries tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday June 24) starting at 2 PM. NO MORNING PICKING ON WEDNESDAY! Picking conditions are good with an estimated 3,000+ lbs of berries ripe. It looks to me like this is likely to be the peak picking for this season. The size is already dropping off though. There are still a good amount of green berries left; the season should last for another 10 days or so before gleaning but the question of how these later berries will size up is still open. We need rain. Irrigation helps a lot but is not the same as a rainy day.
Hours for u-pick are Monday starting at 7 AM; Wednesday, start 2 PM (no morning picking on Wednesdays); Saturday, start 7 AM. This repeats through out the whole season. The patch closes when the berries are all picked or at 6 PM.
When you arrive you do not need to stop at the stand to weigh your containers if you know the empty weight already. Also you do not need to stop if you are picking into standard Quart or gallon containers.
You have the option of bringing your own containers or buying empties from us.(Quart boxes 25 cents each or $20 per hundred. Gallon buckets$2.50 each.)
As you walk out to the patch you will be expected to walk on the right side of the field roads. Same when you are returning. We will do our best to spread groups apart in the field. I expect family/friend groups to stay together as much as is reasonable to allow for social distancing where it matters. NO DOGS in the field or stand areas.
Pricing (u-pick) $3.50 per Quart; $24 for 8 quart tray and $10 for 4 liquid quart buckets, water pitchers, bowls and other similar sized containers. All containers are expected to well filled but not heaped. We will adjust prices up or down as needed for over or under-filled containers. By the pound price is $2/# (limited to bigger containers or larger amounts); By using volume rather than weight when it makes sense we can bypass the stand for most of the berries and reduce congestion. Daniel