Still more berries U-pick Wednesday July 1


As I walked the fields this evening I was eating strawberries. There are only a few things in this world better than those little very ripe strawberries late in the season. They are so rich flavored and sweet. We are opening tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday July 1) at 2 pm for u-pick and again on Saturday July 4th at 7 am. This is the late part of strawberry season. I am am impressed at how well the patch is holding up. They are small as is normal towards the end of season but some areas have them laying in by the handfuls. These very ripe berries need to be picked in the next day or so or we will lose them. We need many hands to get this task done. Come and help pick.

The picking pattern we are using is a random one to allow for the best possible social distancing. I do not care which patch you pick in or where you start even if it is smack in the middle somewhere. What I do care about is that you give other groups of pickers reasonable space and that wherever you start picking that you pick all the ripe berries that are in the section of row you work. A section of row needs to be either picked clean or it should not be picked at all. Roaming, grazing type picking is not OK. We will be keeping track of which parts of the patch have ripe berries and be helping incoming pickers find good spots throughout the day. Daniel