Free u-cut flowers and raspberry info

– Free u-cut flowers and raspberry info


We planted flower beds to help the pollinators and beneficial insects and also for u-cut flowers. There are zinnias, sunflowers and many other species located at various spots around the farm. If the flowers are cut ( or deadheaded)on a regular basis it makes more grow. The farm is open for free u-cut flowers during regular stand hours. I envision this being available every day but I reserve the right to close the patches if they need time to recover. Limit 1 or 2 bunches per person unless there are plenty. You must ask permission at the stand before cutting. Bring your own scissors or other tools. It is important that the plants that you are cutting from are treated with respect. Do not make the stems so long that the main frame of the plants are damaged. In general relate respectfully to the space you are in as you cut flowers. Does some shut in or elderly person come to mind that would have their day brightened if you stopped in with a bouquet of flowers? The red raspberries are in their peak season and the black ones should ripen next week. Raspberry u-pick is by appointment. The calendar is already pretty full and I am not taking more appointments however it is Ok to call or stop in and ask about same day openings. Some days the scheduled u-pickers either don’t show or there is more berries than they need. Daniel