Summer abundance


Sunflowers are blooming- The free u-cut flowers policy is planned to continue all summer and fall.

It is summer and the stand is full of good food. Blueberries, corn, onions, garlic and so much more. Come and get it.
Organic eggs are back in stock. At the moment they are from young chickens that are just starting to lay so the eggs are small and we are selling two dozen for the price of one.
We were finally able to get a processing slot for two of Mose Yoders organic cows for late August. We should have beef at the stand then.
As a whole crops are doing well in spite of the drought. We have not run out of irrigation water yet. I did shift most of the later plantings of crops like lettuce to the old farm where there is more water available to lighten the load on the well and ponds here. One does what one can and harvests all the bounty that God chooses the bless us with. That said pray for rain- it would be such a relief to have a deep soaking rain!
This applies both in the physical sense and to us as people- we need showers of blessing from above. Daniel

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