Beautiful lettuce in midsummer

What a relief to have rain finally. May June and July were very very dry. In spite of that (and because of Gods sunshine and farmers that were diligently irrigating) the stand is packed full of lots of good food. A few highlights are lots of really nice romaine, leafy lettuce, spinach and cilantro. The garlic bulbs are harvested and the sweet and red onions are big enough that we are pulling them as needed. We have limited amounts of beans now but it looks like the next planting is set to give hundreds of lbs starting in about a week. The carrots are also big enough that we have started pulling them. It is peak season for blueberries and cucumbers.

Go to to see an updated list of many of the in season items that we have now.

On  website  you will see some items with zero as available number. This normally means the item is in season with an active flow coming through the stand but the supply at the stand is intermittent for some reason. Daniel


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