The lettuce and bean story

Corn, Big cabbage, Cantaloupe and watermelon

This stand is still packed to the gills with good food. Abundant items at this moment are grape tomatoes, beans, lettuce, corn, and melons. (watermelon $5-$8 each and cantaloupe @ $2.50 each). Some of the cantaloupe are over 10 lbs each and they have excellent flavor. We look at the pictures in the seed catalog and at moments we really do not expect things to grow that well for us. However in some cases crops do grow wonderfully. I planted lettuce and beans at the old farm in a spot that I was worried about as they are vulnerable to the deer and rabbits and in freshly plowed sod that was not really ready for gardening. I did this because of the severe drought and that was the only choice that had enough water available. (The ponds here were almost empty).I hoped to get some return for our efforts. From the first four rows of beans we picked 35 bushels of beans already this week. From the same plants last week we picked about 500 lbs. We have a wonderful abundance of beautiful beans to sell. ($15 per half bushel) The lettuce is also really nice and so much of it. Almost every seed gave a lovely head of lettuce. So there is not much to the bean and lettuce story beyond a story of abundance. God is good.

Help wanted. My wife and I judge that we should have more help to manage and run the Farmstand. The old saying is that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. We are looking for help (either part time or a full time year around person or family) that is interested and capable to assist us in running the farm stands everyday operation so I would be free to focus more on the actual growing side of things and also to just take a slower pace with more family time. This position could be an hourly (part or full) position but for the right person I would be leaning towards it being a year around salaried position. (There is more to do in the winter than you might think. If needed on farm housing and farm grown food could also be part of the package. We are planning to move to the house at the back of the farm here when it is finished sometime this winter which will leave a vacancy in the front house.
Qualifications would require the person to be healthy enough to be on their feet and active. There needs to be good bright mind that can learn and make good judgments along with an excitement about being around good food. Life experience, especially in any kind of retail or management position, gardening, cooking etc would be useful. Willingness to be helpful and pleasant with customers is essential.
If you are interested in being part of the team here send us a letter telling about yourself and why you would like the job. Daniel

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