Watermelon and sweet corn by the bag

Corn, Big cabbage, Cantaloupe and watermelon

This is peak season for melons. We have several hundred melons that should be moved in the next few days. The best thing that can happen to a watermelon is to have someone eat it! Today ( and probably Monday) we are planning to cut and serve watermelon and cantaloupe samples to anyone that wishes for some. There will be little pieces for a taste and bigger pieces that make a meaningful serving. It is fine with me if you eat several pieces. A little watermelon secret is that there is quite a bit of difference between the seeded and seedless choices in flavor with the seeded one tending to be sweeter and richer in taste. I also am of the opinion that our melons tend to be better than most store melons and our melons are guaranteed. We have little personal melons for as little as $2.50 each and larger melons for $4 to $8 each. Come and get them.

Today we also have about 20 bags of sweet corn for sale by the bag ($15 per bag) and oodles of beans ($15 per box). Daniel