Broccoli, Brussel sprouts and canning tomatoes

We have Napa cabbage again. One of my favorite ways to prepare Napa or Chinese cabbage (different names same crop) is to slice it thin by placing head on cutting board and just cross cutting from the top down. Then I put a white salad dressing on just as you would for Cole slaw. A good variation is to add a bit of shredded carrot or celeriac to the mix.

We have a stand packed full of good food for you. I few highlights of the moment are about 5 bushels of Concord grapes and lots of sweet potatoes. The patch yielded a normal amount. There are several thousand lbs sitting here curing by the woodstove. For the best flavor and storage potential we cure sweet potatoes for about 10 days in a space that is about 85 degrees and with fairly high humidity. After that they like 50 to 70 degrees and dry.
I have about 6 bushels of really nice broccoli from my patch for today. Brussel sprouts and celery are also doing well this year.
We still have lots of canning tomatoes and a few bushel of beans. They will be gone soon. The Irish (red white, russet, blue etc) potato field still has live plants as is normal and are giving a good crop. We are hand digging new potatoes for fresh eating as needed. The main fall storage potato harvest will be sometime towards mid October. Daniel

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