Mums and pretty cabbage


Yes we are open on Columbus day weekend (not Sunday) and yes the stand is still packed full of lots of good food. We still have tomatoes and peppers. There is a glorious selection of all sorts of winter squash (bulk price $.65 per lb) and a bin of big cabbage. There are smaller cabbage, carrots, rutabaga, celery, sweet potatoes and a rainbow of beets colors along with so much more.. To make you place pretty there are potted mums, flowering cabbage and kale. All the ornamental plants are on sale at 10 for $40 mix or match. This includes the bigger sized pots. The colored kales are hardy till it gets very cold and then you cut the top out of the plant and eat it!
I dug a few potatoes this afternoon. The skins need to set after the potato plants are dead; our big patch of late potatoes are almost ready to dig for winter storage- I expect to be working at that late next week weather permitting. If you are planning to plant garlic it is soon time for that. The soil has to stay mostly colder than 50 degrees after the garlic is planted so the cloves grow roots but it is best if it does not come up till spring. For this area anytime after about Oct 15 is time to plant garlic. Daniel

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