Free lettuce this weekend at Martins Farmstand

Sweet turnips

There was lots of lovely lettuce in the fields which we harvested yesterday ahead of the freeze. Now it needs you to enjoy it. We are offering this lettuce free at the stand during the next few days as supply lasts. We also harvested lots of other greens and herbs. The coolers are packed full with lots of good food. Cauliflower, big cabbage, leeks, brussel sprouts, potatoes, carrots, daikon radish, beets, onions, turnips, winter squash of all kinds and sizes, apples-even tomatoes- this wonderful produce stand has some really good eating in it. This is the time to think about stocking up on your winter storage of all kinds of root crops including sweet potatoes grown her on the farm. Ask how to best store your produce for longer term storage as we have experience. Some crops like cold and damp, some cool and dry and some warm and dry. Andy Yoder will be here at the stand this afternoon selling his homegrown chicken. Daniel

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